Thursday, March 10, 2005

Philippine Cyberservices Corridor

The Philippine Cyberservices Corridor was officially "christened" by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at her keynote speech last March 9, 2005 at the Euromoney-sponsored Philippine Investment Conference held in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.

“Our cyberservices corridor actually stretches 600 miles from Baguio in Northern Luzon to Zamboanga in Mindanao. It’s served by a $10B high-bandwidth fiber backbone and digital network. It’s home to 75,000 call center and BPO agents who all speak English and many of whom speak Spanish, Japanese, Chinese or Arabic - all of whom provide cyberservices at par with global standards”.

What's next for CICT, working in partnership with DTI?

Why Philippine Cyberservices? "e-services" is the generic name for IT- and ICT-enabled services delivered over the Net, such as call handling, BPO, content transformation and/or transcription. "Philippine Cyberservices" will be the brand of e-services delivered by Filipinos. "Philippine Cyberservices Corridor" will be the place to go to find such services.

PCC. We service the world.


At Tue Mar 22, 09:47:00 AM, Blogger Mike Abundo said...

"Cyberservices", eh? Alliteration gives it a nice ring. ;)

I look forward to seeing big prospective clients walk down the Corridor. :)

At Tue Mar 22, 05:27:00 PM, Blogger Noel M. said...

Congrats again Dondi.
When do we see the payoff in our dialup services???
Happy Easter!

At Tue Mar 29, 10:29:00 AM, Blogger Ben Arvin dela Cruz said...

Hello Sir Mapa,
Can you possibly give us the mailing address of your office at CICT so we can send a hard copy of our Cebu IT report to you?

Anyway you can still browse and download it at

Many Thanks,

PS. Please do check out my personal blog too at

At Mon May 09, 10:39:00 PM, Anonymous Rebecca Arcega said...

good evening po, commissioner mapa. i'm not sure if blogspot delivers comments to the blogger by email, but i hope you'll find this comment anyway. i made a post specifically about your talk in the recent iblog summit, and i hope you'll drop by to read when you have the time.

i'd like to know more about your thoughts on e-governance... and if i may, i'd like to broadcast your thoughts on my blog, too. i'm interested in efforts to develop philippine ICT industries, especially those geared toward offshore outsourcing.


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