Thursday, March 09, 2006

DOLE Workforce Development Summit

At the 2006 Workforce Development Summit, organized by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), I presented a paper on the prospects for the cyberservices industry. You can download the paper from the BPA/P website or by right-clicking on this link and selecting "Save Link As".

The paper contains the industry forecasts for 2006-2010, and as I blogged some weeks back, the prospects are looking good for the Philippines. There is cause for concern however, as it is quite possible that the forecasted growth may be hampered by the lack of human resources to fill the jobs. The paper identifies several issues and suggests strategies to take in addressing these issues.

Within a month, the CICT will be issuing a roadmap document on the project and programs that the government, in partnership with the private sector, will be pursuing to address the workforce shortfall. I'll post a link to the document when it becomes available.


At Mon Mar 20, 11:09:00 AM, Anonymous Anthony Scalia said...

More power to the CICT. I think helping create the 1 million ICT and ICT-related jobs will benefit our country a lot more than rallying and shouting and working for the removal of GMA.

Its really a miracle that the BPO industry is still growing despite all the political noise.

I hope our country will also attract a substantial chunk of non-voice BPO, like finance, accounting and HR, which have the potential of surpassing voice-based BPO (call centers). At least in non-voice BPO, the "deteriorated" English of Pinoys is not an issue.

By the way, speaking of our "deteriorated" English, you may want to look at Michael Tan's column last Mar. 17 "Why Filipino (2)"

Our "deteriorated" English is a myth. The proper adjective is really "stagnated."

I hope people will stop saying that "deteriorated" English is the problem for a low acceptance rate at call centers. In the first place, we learn English not for the purpose of becoming call center agents.

Yet even with "deteriorated English" call centers will find out that Pinoys can easily learn American English. The learning time is much much shorter compared to someone learning Englsh for the first time.

At Sat Jan 09, 02:27:00 AM, Blogger daniel said...

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At Mon Sep 27, 12:01:00 PM, Anonymous Outsourcing Philippines said...

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