Monday, February 06, 2006

High-technology Business Districts

Check out the listing on wikipedia for "High-technology Business Districts", there is a new addition to the list - the Philippine Cyberservices Corridor! Please help spread the word!


At Tue Feb 07, 09:01:00 PM, Anonymous Silicon Gulf said...

Hello, Mr. Mapa. I operate a website called Silicon Gulf, focusing on Davao's IT initiatives. I was wondering if I could send an e-mail based interview for an article to be published on the site.


At Wed Feb 08, 07:26:00 AM, Blogger dondimapa said...

Sure! I was in Davao last week to conduct a workshop for the ICT
cluster of Davao city. You can contact Oliver Robillo of ASID or RD Merly Cruz of DTI for
the details. Feel free to email me too (dondimapa at gmail).

At Wed Feb 15, 11:42:00 AM, Anonymous chris said...

mr. mapa, may i inquire if your department knows of any young people winning ict-related competitions worldwide? i've heard quite a few but never got full information of them.

i think it's relevant to sight young people winning these kinds of competition, or in a whole it is relevant to involve the younger age-bracket to your programs on your ict department. and when we say young people they can be 8, 9 - 18 years.

At Wed Feb 15, 11:45:00 AM, Anonymous chris said...

oh by the way, i was asking those cause i think there no ict youth advisor in our country. it's something to be considered really, first because they are the ral generation in which ict gives the most impact.

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